Authentic British Pub in Southeastern Pennsylvania

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I guess we all go back to our roots.

And what better way for me to take care of this happy requirement than to visit an authentic British Pub?

Tucked away deep in the countryside of Southeastern Pennsylvania is The Whip Tavern, a British style pub and restaurant. It's about as authentic a British pub as you can get, except unlike pubs in the UK the Whip Inn offers table service, which is really nice.

The tavern is old style building and is usually busy with Ex-Pats and Americans alike. A great atmosphere prevails. On my visit, there must have been at least six somewhat animated conversations going on about Soccer!

A large outdoor seating area is available. A huge selection of English, Irish and American draught beers are available (For us Americans read: on tap). An abundance and variety of bottled beers would suggest there would seem to be something for every beer lover. Another great feature of the pub was the robust offering of American craft brews.

The menu is typical British pub style offering lots of traditional British meals including Bangers (Sausages) and Mash (potatoes), fish and chips (Atlantic cod and thick cut French fries) and Scotch Eggs (hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat and deep fried – better than it sounds, trust me). The Whip Tavern offers steaks and salads too, along with American style food.

Every month the Whip Inn offers a traditional British 'roast' dinner such as Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding.

For dessert, there were many different choices including an award winning Sticky Toffee Pudding.

My fish and chips were excellent. Two large pieces of fish and plenty of chips (fries). I washed this down with a couple of pints of authentic British brewed Old Speckled Hen Ale, which was really good. (See a selection of very funny videos courtesy of the Old Speckled Hen Company here).

Service was excellent with attentive and polite wait staff. A jovial and friendly Landlord (British title of pub owner) stopped by say ‘hello’ and inquired if I was enjoying the food. I was!

If you have not tried the Whip Tavern I highly recommend it!

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