Hobbies & the Entrepreneur: Fun & Necessity

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Who says that hobbies are only for people who have lots of time in their hands?

Running your own business takes drive, passion and dedication. But even entrepreneurs who have hectic schedules in their work and business lives should set aside time to pursue a hobby.

Being an entrepreneur, no matter how much you love it, becomes stressful after a while. And every now and then you really do need to ‘clear your head’.

To be good at what you do takes hard work, and working hard at something can produce a lot of stress. Health experts agree that constant stress is extremely bad for y
ou. From early aging to heart problems, the effects of stress can damage your health in irreversible ways.shutterstock_300867482

But it’s important to understand that as a part of your business lifestyle, you’ll need to take an occasional break. That’s where hobbies come in.

shutterstock_114329404In my opinion, it is important to have at least one hobby that’s completely unrelated to your work interest. Hobbies are food for the entrepreneur’s soul. They nurture our spirit, restore our energy, and renew our mind.

Engaging in a hobby offers entrepreneurs a break from the tasks they normally do each day, whether it’s making business decisions, handling unreasonable customers or investors, or meeting project deadlines. The more stressful the tasks are, the more the break is welcomed.

If an entrepreneur is constantly facing stress, they may not be able to make the right decisions. It is important to figure out ways to balance your work life with hobbies to avoid fatigue or depression that could hinder you from working altogether.

Activities could be as relaxing as deep sea fishing trips, cycling on mountain trails, cooking, writing, music or working out. It doesn’t really matter what hobby you choose. Inc. Magazine recently wrote about the hobbies of the rich and famous (some of these hobbies were, well, a bit strange but who are we to judge?)



Engaging in hobbies don’t just provide work-related benefits, but to the overall health of the entrepreneur.

Without a hobby, entrepreneurs are at risk of burnout.  Doing something enjoyable may help reduce the negative effects of constant stress.shutterstock_81678091

That’s why it is so important to have at least one area of your life where you don’t have any stress. Entrepreneurs are notoriously hard workers. We are passionate about our businesses and we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve our objectives. But all entrepreneurs must find time for hobbies. For me, that includes gourmet cooking, writing and travel.

But a hobby can be anything – music, sports, surfboarding, fishing – the list is endless.

While entrepreneurs may think that hobbies can interfere with business, research has found otherwise. A recent study suggests that people who engage in hobbies, especially creative hobbies, perform better in their professional or work lives. It seems that having an outlet outside of being an entrepreneur may boost productivity and even creativity.

Entrepreneurs are at their best when relaxed and in tune with themselves. Only then can we be successful and truly thrive.

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