Communication & The Entrepreneur

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Many things contribute to the success of an entrepreneur, but the ability to communicate well is one of the most important things to learn.

No matter what kind of business you have, as you bring your ideas to an audience, make sure you can explain them in an easy to understand manner.

Communication isn’t simply about verbal delivery; it includes your writing as well as your listening skills. In my experience, success relies on effective communication – regardless of the audience. As an entrepreneur, it is important to be an active communicator with a transparent and well-built structure of communication.

Dianna Booher, one of the most recognized business communication experts of our time, has written a book on the subject called: “Communicate With Confidence,” and it is well worth the read.

Entrepreneurs spend almost every day involved in some form of persuasive communication. Make sure you are adequately prepared, clear on the action you want a listener to take, and able to provide a compelling reason for them to take this action:

Share a Personal Experience: People love a good story, especially when you can relive a personal experience to illustrate a point. Why did you start your business? Was there a personal reason to do so? Building a good presentation around personal circumstances is a great way to grab the attention of the audience.

Call to Action: Always remember to ask the audience to take a single, specific action. Don’t assume your audience will know what to do once you Business meeting with windowhave finished your presentation. And keep it simple! Effective communication requires entrepreneurs to simplify the message and recommend one clear action item for listeners to take.

What’s the Pay-Off? Entrepreneurs should clearly explain how the listener could benefit. Make the explanation clear, specific, and direct. It also must be factually correct. No wild promises, please! If what’s being offered sounds too good to be true, your audience may feel that’s exactly what it is – too good to be true. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience. What would you believe?

And, as an Entrepreneur, say ‘Yes’ whenever you can. Displaying a positive and confident approach is essential when in front of your audience.

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