“The life of an entrepreneur  is a roller coaster of elation and disappointment!”

As an Entrepreneur, there is nothing better than being involved in bringing an idea to market, especially if that idea can benefit literally millions of people worldwide.


In my earlier entrepreneurial positions, I’ve commercialized two great ideas. But now, as CEO of Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE), I have an opportunity to help bring solutions to perhaps three of mankind’s greatest challenges: a lack of clean water, affordable energy without the use of expensive and fluctuating price of oil and sustainable food production.


OTE Coroporation


Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation is a project developer in the renewable electricity and potable water business utilizing Company owned Intellectual Property and the years of hands-on experience of its Oceanographers, Engineers and Marine Scientists. OTE designs Ocean Thermal Electrical Conversion (“OTEC”) power plants, and Seawater Air Conditioning (“SWAC”) plants for large commercial properties. These proven technologies provide clean drinking water, plentiful food, and sustainable, affordable energy without the use of fossil fuels. I’m particularly proud to have built a team that includes Engineers and Scientists who have spent many years in the research and development of OTEC and SWAC systems.


I’ve other projects too. I’m redeveloping an old 1960’s era commercial building in Lancaster, Pennsylvania into low/moderate income housing, an entrepreneurial resource center and workspace and 20,000 square feet of retail space. A project that’s related to Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation and in the planning stages is Eco-Village, a truly sustainable community of residential villa’s, condominiums, an Eco-Hotel, retail space and agriculture production – all powered by OTEC which also supplies the water for drinking and agriculture.


Work for me is much more than just a job or a business. I’m passionate about building businesses from the ground up and in the process, improving the lives of people worldwide, especially those who are disadvantaged.


Prior to investing in Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation, I spent 15 years as Founder and CEO of Medical Technology & Innovations where I built a medical device company from concept to market by developing a first-to-market microprocessor-based vision screening device designed to identify serious eye problems in young children. My team members and I addressed all research, development and marketing activities through to national recognition. We established the manufacturing facility, production and worldwide distribution. We made two acquisitions before successfully listing the Company on a US Stock Market. Ultimately, I negotiated the sale of the exclusive marketing and distribution rights of our medical device to an international eye care company.


I’ve been an active investor and entrepreneur for the better part of 30 years and along the way have learned from both experience and some very bright people who have helped me. I’ve sat on the Board of Directors of both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. A good friend of mine told me: "the life of an entrepreneur is a roller coaster of elation and disappointments." He was right!


My life before I became an Entrepreneur was very different to what I do today. I served seven years in the British Royal Navy where I studied accounting and logistics support whether at war, reacting to an international crisis, protecting offshore resources or taking part in search and rescue missions. Wider responsibilities included providing professional advice on policy, personnel, Naval regulations and accountancy matters. One of my first appointments was aboard the Aircraft Carrier HMS Ark Royal where I served two years and visited different countries around the world. Subsequent assignments included attachments to Royal Navy units in Portugal. But the best bit about service life was the guidance and mentoring I received. The professional knowledge and leadership skills I learned in the Royal Navy gave me a distinct advantage as I embarked on my first entrepreneurial venture. The rest, they say, is history!


HMS Ark Royal